When Amani's mother dies, the world shakes. Her father vows to make it to outer space, where there are no gangs to take his love's life, no prisons to take Black boys' best years. Amani grows up building a rocket ship with her father. As she moves into adulthood, Amani seeks her voice and her own dreams. Will Amani make it to the 'moon'?

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a short play for young audiences 

Young superhero Shayla the Great comes from a long line of "Greats" who spend every day making their neighborhood a beautiful place to live. But when Shayla discovers that the world seeks to contain the Greatness of people who look like her, she sets out to find the magic paintbrush that will empower her to make a world that is even more just, more free, and more wondrous! This play for young audiences can serve as a springboard for initiating conversations about community organizing, racial justice and prison abolition. Commissioned and originally produced by Hangar Theatre Company, Ithaca, NY.  

Screenshot from July, 2020 Zoom Production


where pathways meet 

a freedom dreaming play 

Minnie and Dwight live in a world on fire. And so they take off from 'earth' with dreams of starting anew on a planet all their own. What happens to the tongues and rhythms of the once colonized and enslaved when they first taste true freedom? What happens when Minnie & Dwight's dreams and visions wither and diverge? Who remembers and who forgets?  



Noa’s Ark is a diner in Greenwood District where folks come to remake the world. A queer Black woman named Noa stands at the helm and in May of 1921, no one can else can see what’s coming to threaten the streets of Greenwood. Against the backdrop of one of the largest race riots in American history, pairs of lovers try to imagine a world where they can breathe. Is peace possible in a Black future? How do we love with the imminence of violence?

Graphic Design by Mikayla Johnson 

April 2020, Radioplay Production 

(Yale Cabaret)

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Sky II comes to her grandmother—Sky—looking for answers, carrying the weight of somebody else's poems. 


Sky tells her granddaughter her story and these two Black American womxn of the 20th century try to make sense of what it means to love while

Black & queer 

and woman. 


Loosely inspired by oral histories. 

PC: Antwon Funches

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Filling Basins is inspired by Tera Hunter's 1997 book, To Joy My Freedom: Southern Black Women's Lives and Labors After the Civil War. It tells a story of six women in the 1881 Washerwoman's Strike in Atlanta, Georgia in which thousands of Black washerwomen banded together to form The Washing Society and organized for better working conditions and wages.

PC: Andrew Schmidt 

October 2018, Student Production

(Yale Repertory Theater; Directed by Anita Norman)